Purchasing Clothing Directly from Wholesalers: How It Saves You Money

Purchasing Clothing Directly from Wholesalers: How It Saves You Money

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The contemporary wholesale club is a concept which dates back to the retail marketing in the early 1980s. Wholesalers were able to discover they could directly sell to the public, thus, taking the retailer away from the equation at prices that are slightly higher than what they would charge retailers. This still allows consumers to save money as they did not have to pay the retail business cost. In order to safeguard a retailer’s money and profit, only manufacturers and wholesalers can help a lot.

These days, the direct-to-consumer model is used in wholesale clothing like wholesale blank t-shirts. Online sellers and club store stake the internet world by storm as they take advantage of build distribution pricing to directly sell to the public. For average consumers, the model provides an excellent way to save plenty of money.

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Purchasing in Bulk

If distributors purchase clothes wholesale, they purchase many composed of thousands of pieces. Bigger lot sizes mean better prices distributors get from manufacturers. This concept is based upon making money through volume instead of individual pricing. Thus, a manufacturer wants to earn less profit per piece when he sells more pieces.

Distributors sell their wholesale clothes like wholesale polo shirts to retailers. The latter will purchase in smaller lots; however, they still try to buy as many individual pieces as they can for better prices. While their bulk buying power isn’t as good as the distributor, it’s still enough to let them provide competitive prices off the rack.


Purchasing Direct from Wholesalers

The wholesale club’s direct-to-consumer model makes it possible for retail customers to buy the wholesale clothes at cheaper prices than they could have from a retailer. This is how it works. With the retail model, it is likely that the wholesaler sells a piece of clothing to a retailer for $10 and the retailer ads a 40 percent mark-up to for a final price of $14. If the seller takes the retailer away from the equation, he then sells the same piece directly to the consumer for $12. The seller still makes more money for every piece while he saves the consumer 20 percent.

Wholesale clothing is the main business of the fashion wholesale industry today. A lot of companies buy directly from manufacturers at bulk prices and sell the clothes wholesale to retailers and individual consumers. They have a full line of fashionable pieces and accessories for all types of budget.

Author Bio: Joe Nelson is a fashion designer. Most of his blog posts are focused on buying wholesale blank t-shirts.


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