Beat the Toronto Freeze with the Right Winter Wear

Beat the Toronto Freeze with the Right Winter Wear

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During the cold months, the weather in Toronto ranges from freezing to feeling like you are dying. Although the city’s temperature drops below 0 degrees, locals and tourists still make it busy. There are a lot of reasons to visit Toronto in the winter including the Yorkville ice festival, Winterlicious dining event and City Hall ice skating. To make your winter in Canada a more enjoyable one, consider some winter wear tips to keep you comfortable, warm and dry while ensuring your style.  Below are some tips to choosing the right winter wear in Toronto.

Winter Coat

In case you will be spending time outside, you need a proper, warm winter coat. Get a Canada Goose jacket to stay warm despite the chilly day. Know that this can be an expensive piece but if you want a more affordable alternative, select one that has a wind resistant shell and an insulated fill. Check out Style Democracy warehouse sale events listings for the best alternatives. Also, consider getting a jacket that has a hood because a hood will protect your cheeks from the harsh winds of his season.

Waterproof Boots

It can be freezing in the city; however, it does not stay below 0 degrees each day of the cold season. Thus, the piles of snow you can find on the sidewalk will melt into a dirty slush later. You will want to avoid wearing black leather boots because the snow’s salt will stain them. Also, ugg boots are not a great idea because the slush will soak through them quickly. Have a pair of waterproof Hunter boots to make sure you will always have warm and dry feet.

High-Tech Gloves

You don’t want to remove your gloves every couple of minutes to text your loved one. Think about buying touch-screen gloves because they let you text and keep your fingers warm. In case you are considering a stretchy fabric design, ensure the size is right. When they are too big, they will not fit tight enough your fingers and you will lose the touch screen ability.


It can be freezing outside; however, after walking from your place to a building, for instance, you will feel a little warm. Wearing layers of clothes under the jacket let you strip down to a T-shirt, sweater or tank top. But this depends upon how hot you will get indoors. As you plan on what to wear in Toronto in the winter, go for strategic layers instead of bulk.

Fleece-Lined Leggings

Whether worn underneath a pair of pants or alone, fleece-lined leggings will provide you an additional layer of warmth. Because they are thicker than regular leggings, they can keep your legs warm. However, they are still as flexible as the leggings you would use in other seasons.



Scarves, hats and gloves are essential in a Toronto winter. They provide more serious warm to the outdoor outfits. Have a few sets of accessories for the winter. It can get really wet when it is snowing out and a spare set will make sure you have a dry hat to wear.


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