How to wear Cropped Pants

How to wear Cropped Pants

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Cropped pants have become an international trend spreading from Italy to the fashion world like wildfire. Cropped pants or trousers for men are the bottom wear for men which are cut or folded at the ankle. We are seeing a lot of this ankle-bearing hotness whether it be at weddings, parties or fun, casual events to even offices and formal events.

Most of thepopular brands that come up with trousers for men are taking this trend seriously. From one inch to even a long three and a half inches, designers are showing no mercy to the length of these poor trousers. Gone are the days when bearing an ankle would mean it is eithermonsoons or that you are wearing worn outtrousers.

Styling tips to rock the cropped pants fashion

Born in Italy, the bare-ankle man is now the new avatar of hotness in the international fashion arena. So here are a few tips to follow while picking out this new sensation for you.

  • The best length is to stop the cut about an inch above your ankle.
  • Footwear is an equally important decision. Unlike the other trousers for men, cropped ones bring a lot of attention to the feet making it very important to match your pants with the right style of shoes or boots.
  • For cropped chino styles, always go for dressier pair of shoes than normal ones; like loafers or white sneakers.
  • Socks are definitely a big, red NO for this look.
  • Folding up your pants or denims in a tight roll can also help you in this look. Just in case you don’t really want to cut away the fabric, rolling up is a great idea. You can do it on days where you want to show off your new boots or stylish sneakers.
  • Narrow width trousers cut at ankle length look stylish whereas straight cut trousers don’t really boost the look.
  • You can even pull off the look with the right pair of flip-flops.
  • Denim can also be fashioned in this ankle-baring fashion. Trainers or suede desert boots paired with cropped denim can really get the temperature soaring.
  • The cropped pants generally portray a casual fashion and can give a cool look if matched with loose plain tees. But nowadays, even formal wear are cool to show their ankle. Matching formal shirts and blazers along with cropped pants would sure give your work life a definite boost.


So ready to rock the cropped pants sensation like a born Italian? Well, all you have to keep in mind is that there is no definite set of rules or regulations. You can match your cropped pants whether it is cotton or denim along with loose or tight tees, formal shirts or even hoodies. The pressure is not entirely on your ankles. It’s on your confidence. Pulling off a new, different fashion trend is a measure of your attitude and confidence. With sheer, raw confidence, you can no doubt pull off this cool avatar on your next social event.

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