Basic guide to buying stylish ladies handbags

Basic guide to buying stylish ladies handbags

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All right, we know we’ve covered quite a few marathons (metaphorically :D) when it comes to talking about handbags for women. Ladies handbags have always fascinated us (you’ll have known by now) and for good reason too! There are several handbags for women that we have covered with particular emphasis on work, style, occasion and other parameters. We have also helped you with inputs on ladies handbags that are unique and should certainly occupy place in your wardrobe. To top it off (we’re in a self laudatory mode today as well :P), we’ve also talked of how to choose handbags for women according to your requirements and the occasion in question.

After all this, we were a little exhausted with technicalities (we’re sure you are too) and thought of compiling a basic guide to buying ladies handbags (since they are the most important things ever invented after diamonds and shoes). Online shopping fashion trends have listed handbags as the biggest inspirations behind the mood boards of designers and the latest accessory collections. In fact, handbags are one of the biggest beneficiaries of the prevalent online shopping fashion revolution that has got us buying more (till we simply want even more!) and appreciating the marvels of easily accessible retail therapy. It is a reality that handbags are among the most popular items sought by women while shopping online and they come in varied styles, shapes and types to suit almost every requirement of the modern woman (now you’ll understand why we’re so dependent on them guys!).

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It is a fact that most women always have an eye (away from the prying eyes of the boss on their computer screens) on the latest handbag styles and designs (yes this is why we ask for alone-time dear boyfriends and nothing else!) and more often than not, we pick up the same without assessing whether they suit our figures and personalities or not. This is one of the biggest mistakes that most women make, i.e. choosing handbags based on the aesthetic appeal/brand/style/fashion trends alone without buying them as per their body types. Designer handbags for women and other exclusive varieties are quite tempting (read irresistible) even when they do not suit our bodies. We still end up buying them and realize the pitfalls of our decisions later on. You should always be in the loop about the right handbag size for your body type before venturing to splurge on anything (a little homework never hurt ladies!). Even if a particular handbag looks uber stylish and attractive, it will surprisingly be unfashionable in case it does not match your figure.

Size based handbag decisions work on simple thumb rules- smaller handbags for shorter and petite women since bigger ones will dwarf them and create an unflattering look. Tall and slim women are better off without smaller handbags. They should look to use bulky and midsized handbags and even large options do well in this case. This will be best for their figures without a doubt. The shape of your handbag is no less important and you should always remember the word proportion in this context (it’s not that hard to recollect!). Handbag shapes should always look proportionate with your own body shape. This is the best way to create a stylish look for yourself at work or any other outing. A little trick works fabulously in this case, i.e. choosing handbag shapes that are just opposite to your body type. For instance, slim and tall women are better off with rounded romantic ladies handbags for a stylish effect. However, rectangular handbags are better options for women who have shorter and fuller physiques.

Opt for colors that serve the perfect foil to your outfit. Many a time we find people in strange combinations like a flashing orange handbag with an even flashier outfit in canary yellow (yes, we’re not bluffing!). You can sometimes match your handbag color with your outfit and even your shoes. You can also opt for neutral colors for your handbags in case you wish to pair them with several outfits in different colors. Beige works nicely in this scenario along with black which can never go wrong. Brown and white are also favorable colors in this regard and you can match these colors with almost all of your outfits. What is also important to take into account is the occasion for which you are selecting a particular handbag. You should have a clear idea of the purpose of the handbag you are choosing.

Once this is something you grasp, you will be well on your way towards becoming the ultimate handbag diva (yes, it’s possible!). In the meantime, check out some alluring options like the Peach, Mint and Beige Maurier Bags or even the uber cool and tempting Pink Nudge Bag at StalkBuyLove, your one stop repository for the most impressive handbags for women.

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