Alexandrite Rings: The Ultimate Pick for Your Personal Lucky Charm

Alexandrite Rings: The Ultimate Pick for Your Personal Lucky Charm

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For people who value rare, special, and unique gemstone embedded jewels, Alexandrite rings are a great choice to consider. It can be a great value addition to your collection of jewellery and accessories.

This chrysoberyl gem variety, which is common in places like Brazil, Russia, Myanmar, and Madagascar, comes in a greenish shade that sometimes turns to red purple when seen under artificial light, making it a rare and costly gem believed to be a good omen.

chrysoberyl gem

As with most of the other jewellery pieces, in alexandrite rings too, the gemstone is usually set in white or yellow gold, platinum or sterling silver. What makes the ring setting a very special one for alexandrite is that its unique color changing characteristic is seen more clearly and precisely in this setting when compared to any other kind of jewellery setting. Though, alexandrite earrings and pendants are also very popular.

When buying an alexandrite ring, opt for a setting that is simple, elegant, couture, modern or whimsical. With filigree and curls or straight edged shapes, every creation is a beautiful one for discerning buyers, who feel proud to wear such rings. And also, ensure that the stone size is complimented by the band width without being overwhelming.

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Besides being a stone of good omen, alexandrite is also known for its healing abilities for pancreatic and spleen problems. Further, it’s also supposed to help the wearer get rid of low self-esteem problems and improve his ability to stay happy.

Genuine alexandrite rings are pretty costly due to the difficulty associated with finding natural form of this precious gemstone.

Alexandrite rings are ideal gifts for your loved ones celebrating their 45th or 55th anniversaries and for those born under the Gemini sign.

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