Your Lanyard Choices Explained

Your Lanyard Choices Explained

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For many firms lanyards are an important piece of kit. They are used for a range of reasons, including keeping staff Ids on display and easily to hand, carrying keys, mobiles and other important equipment. Many others make them part of marketing and brand awareness campaigns, so they are an item that many firms use on a daily basis.

If you are in the market for new lanyards this article is for you. Here we explain the different types that are available.

Lanyard Choices


There are three main types available they are:

Staff ID





Once you have chosen the right type for the job, your next task is to decide what material you want the lanyard to be made from. When doing this you need to think about how the lanyard is going to be used, and choose accordingly.

If you want strong yet low cost lanyards nylon or polyester are good choices. On the other hand if your firm is worried about its green footprint eco friendly materials like PET or bamboo are better choices.

Lanyard Choices Explained

Strap type

Now you have to choose the width and length of the strap.

Clip type

You now need to choose the type of clip. The clip you choose depends on what you are going to use the lanyard for.

Trigger clips work well for most applications, but the best firms also offer specialist clips such as phone holders, buckle releases and safety breakaway clips.’

Clip type

The design

What, if anything, you have printed on your lanyards is completely up to you. The best firms can reproduce your branding.

Normally, they ask you to send them your design as a digital file. They will tell you the dimensions that your design needs to fit into.


If you are planning to place a big order, it makes sense to ask for a sample first. Most firms will do this for big clients.

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