Fashion Must Haves This Winter

Fashion Must Haves This Winter

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This is the perfect time of year to stock up on new clothes and accessories. After all, winter’s on its way so you’ll need plenty of cosy garments to fend off the chill. Also, Christmas isn’t too far off and it’s important that you look your best for all those festive parties and events. Here are some must-have items for this season.


No winter wardrobe is complete without at least one pair of leggings. These comfy trousers are among the most adaptable items you can buy. You can wear them under skirts, dresses or long jumpers. You can also team them up with regular tops. If it’s really cold, you can even wear them under a looser pair of trousers. We won’t tell anyone if you don’t!

Black is the most flattering colour and these leggings also tend to go with a greater variety of other garments. However, if you’re planning to splash out on a few pairs, make sure you get different colours. This will give you more styling options.


Plenty of layers are a fashion must when temperatures drop. While one big, thick woolly jumper might be ideal while you are trudging through the snow outside, it can be uncomfortable when you get indoors and into the warm. If you layer up lighter garments, you can simply start to remove these if you get too warm.

Thinner jumpers, vest tops, cardigans and shirts are ideal for creating layers.

Hats, gloves and scarves

You won’t get far this chilly season without a stylish hat, scarf and pair of gloves. Try to stick to darker colours. White or pale cream versions can look great, but they quickly get marked and stained when you’re out and about. Also, bear in mind that these winter warmers provide you with the perfect opportunity to add some colour to what may otherwise be drab winter ensembles.


A decent pair of boots is a great investment for colder weather. Make sure you get a pair with plenty of tread. This will help you to avoid those embarrassing slips and slides on the snow and ice. When you’re choosing these items, make sure you go for a slightly larger size than you do when selecting other shoes. This will mean you can wear extra thick socks on really cold days.

Some bling

It’s also a good idea to stock up on some jewellery and accessories before the cold really starts to bite. This will cheer you up and also ensure you’re ready for all your festive parties with friends, family and colleagues. As well as getting some sparkly earrings, necklaces and bracelets, you might want to invest in a chic new watch. You can take your pick from a selection of different materials and styles. Perhaps a leather watch band will catch you eye, or maybe you’d prefer a metal timepiece. The choice is yours.

By investing in these garments and accessories now, you can rest assured you’ll be set for the winter.

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