The Answers for Questions Regarding What to Wear or Buy for Trekking

The Answers for Questions Regarding What to Wear or Buy for Trekking

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There are many preparations to be done before planning a trekking trip. This may include knowing about what type of clothes to carry or wear, whether it should be waterproof, heavy or lightweight clothes and the kind of protective gears to carry for ears, hands, etc.

Before starting the hike, the porters make sure to sum up about the number of days required to climb up and down the mountain, basic requirements that have to be carried along, and so on. If you have any questions regarding the preparation while going on mountaineering, here are some of the solutions that clear such confusion.


The travel guides recommend carrying with you, 3 different types of jackets, a heavy one for climbing, a polar fleece (if it is the month of November and December) and a waterproof one. These jackets serve different purposes and carrying along all the three will be the best option.

Hiking Shoes

Carrying a pair of waterproof hiking shoes along with some extra pair of laces is also important. The shoes serve as the best protection for feet and they keep them warm as well.

Day Pants

Side zippered breathable pants are the recommended type of clothing to be worn while ascending the mountain, since wearing comfortable clothes helps you to enjoy the fun part of trekking to the fullest.


The porters suggest wearing tops of polar fleece and bottom made from Polypropylene because it keeps the body warm. It is even suggested to carry along some moisture wicking underwear, for both men and women and sports bra for women.


Mittens made from thick wool and synthetic gloves, worn under the mittens, offer extra warmth to the hands and protects from dangerous insects.

Walking Stick

You can carry walking sticks made of either wood or any other material. These sticks will make it easier for you to climb the rough path of the mountain, make way through thick bushes, etc.

You should carry some basic gear equipments like sleeping beds, warm set of complete clothing, including thick layered underwear for both men and women and sports bra ( for women). However, some communal gear equipments like cooking items, food, tents, etc will be provided by the travelling agencies.

There is no need to pay any extra amount for the equipments they provide, for mountaineering. If you have bought a sleeping bag for the first time, while climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, then you can also use it the next time, you plan a trekking trip to the peak.

Carrying some additional accessories like goggles or sunglasses, quick drying towels, pee bottles (to avoid going out during night times), 5 to 6 water bottles, waterproof backpacks, torch and headlamps, plastic bags (to keep sleeping bags and other gears safe from being damaged) will be an added advantage for trekking.

There are many online portals like Uniktour, which will provide you with information on what to carry while planning a trekking trip to Kili. Carrying along a first aid kit filled with medical aids will help you deal with any difficulties that you may face along the path.

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