Reasons to Shop for all Marvel comics in order!

Reasons to Shop for all Marvel comics in order!

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Attention all comic book enthusiasts who live and breathe comics. People who are in awe of the old school form of comic entertainment for ages now and feel a high while reading them which is equal to none.

Here is your chance to redefine that love of comics in your life.

It is time to gorge and binge through Marvel comic like never before. It is time to make sure that you relish every edition so as to connect every dot, stray and pattern. It is time to read all marvel comics in order.

The big “why” drawing circles in your head? Well let us clear that up. Here are a few reasons why you should shop and read all marvel comics in order-

Well all of them are lined up– What is better than reading every Marvel comics out there? Reading them in a sequence! Going throw comics in a sequence makes more sense to the reader and pushes the story forward not in bits and pieces but in a cohesive manner. This makes the joy of reading much more palpable.

Anything awry and you know it– So you are poring over your favourite hulk comic and then you realise, for some strange reason that the Hulk who was wandering in Siberia in the previous issue is now stomping in Nevada. You know something amiss and you do not like that. Well then Marvel comics in apt order will come to your rescue. Though it is not possible to put everything is order due to the intermingled world of Marvel, still it is better to discover potholes than roadblocks we say.

Don’t miss anything– When going through every edition in a sequence, you will know what all you have missed in all those years. The sequence to Spiderman 1 or Daredevil 2 might not lead you on a standalone comic of the same superhero. To your contention, you missed it all those years. With a pecking order to read, if you may call so, you will know all about standalones, prequels and sequels to a comic book series. That is nothing short of a windfall for comic book lovers.

Stack them up nice
– As a proud comic collector, you will be devastated to know you missed a standalone limited edition Wolverine comic or an Ironman special edition comic. Your friend owns it and gloat about it every now and then. To save yourself from this gut wrenching event in the future, you should, without having any second thoughts, should fall back on the correct sequence of all Marvel comics out there. After all, bragging is yours right to abuse too.

So what are you waiting for? Click your way or scuttle to your nearest store if you like to get your hands on all the Marvel comics out there. Heroes are waiting for you to discover them!

Author Bio: Dale K has been an avid comic book reader for a decade now. He loves to read, write and if time permits, scribble down his favourite comic character every now and then.

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