Jeans for People with Big Thighs – A Helpful Guide for Buying Jeans

Jeans for People with Big Thighs – A Helpful Guide for Buying Jeans

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Jeans is the most comfortable wear anyone can have. It can create a style statement if worn in the right way. There are various types of jeans available in the market with different types of colors, stitching, and waist-rise and leg shape.

Do not feel ashamed of big thighs. Muscular thighs are hereditary factor of some people. It is not necessary big thighs always mean fat thighs. Before going to the market, you should know about the colors, wash type, fabrics and cuts about the jeans.

fabrics and cuts about the jeans

Here are few tips, to help you out –

Boot cut –

It is also known as flared-leg jeans, which draws away attention from the heavy thighs. Comparatively, they are wider from the knees to downwards. It makes the body look proportionate and legs slimmer. The horizontal lines will give you an appearance of long and thin legs.

Boot cut

Boot cut with straighter leg fit is the best type available in the market. Sometime, boot cut jeans may be longer than your legs. Don’t make the mistake to fold it, it creates a messy look. The flaw can disrupt your whole dressing. Go for alternations and make it perfect for you.

Go for stretch-

In stretchable jeans, the denim of the jeans is mixed with Lycra and cotton. It gives comfort with a little bit of shiny effect. Unlike the old jeans, they do not sag or hug tightly to your body. They do not give you the effect of wearing heavy clothing. Moreover, it tightens your thigh making it look trimmer.

stretchable jeans

Dark colors –

Dark colors have a deepened effect, which cuts off the attention. Professional designers have said that they have a slimming effect on the appearance of the person, making them look longer. Go for black and blue denim color with fading or crease marks on the waist or knee area. This will enhance your waistline. Pair it up with a bright color shirt or t-shirt, it works as a distraction. This will give you a sleek look. Don’t tuck in your shirt tightly.

Dark colors jeans

Low waist mid rise jeans-

It is ideal for men with big thighs. It is slightly below your natural waistline and it reduces the overall effect of huge legs. It remains in your mid waist loosening the areas of the thighs slightly. Unlike, high rise jeans, it reduces the gap as well.

Low waist mid rise jeans

Layer clothing –

Men can use it to hide any large portions of their body. When you have big thighs, select a suit, which is slightly larger than the waistline, but it should not go beyond your thighs. It gives you a broad manly look.

Layer clothing

Exact fit –

Do not go for baggy jeans. It accentuates your thigh area. Three quarter jeans should be avoided as well.  It ends in middle of your leg, drawing attention to your thighs. Go for a trial before buying and find the perfect pair for yourself.


Pencil cut –

It is new in the market. It is slightly loose at the thighs and tapered in the ankle. It produces a layer effect at the ankle area. Mostly used by men with muscular thighs.

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voi jeans

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