Wireless or Wired: Which Headphones to Choose?

You’re lying down in your bedroom listening to music and suddenly your phone rings, you reach over to answer the call and you catch your earphones in your clothing, yanking them out of your ears. Does this scenario sound familiar? It is easy to catch wired headphones in furniture, clothing and other objects, but this isn’t the case with Bluetooth enabled devices.

Here are some of the key reasons to consider purchasing wireless headphones.

Audio Quality

When wireless headphones came on the market, they couldn’t match wired devices for their quality of sound. The main reason was because they had to connect to another device using infrared or radio transmissions, whereas a wired device doesn’t require a medium to bridge the gap, it simply connects with the source device. This was one of the main issues manufacturers faced when competing with wired headphones. But, this has long since been resolved and wireless headphones are now every bit as good as their counterparts. You can now go wireless with JBL wireless headphones and enjoy the same quality as wired devices.

Battery Life

One area where a portable device will always struggle will be their battery life, wireless headphones are no different. But, if you purchase a high-quality device from manufacturers like JBL, you can still enjoy headphones which last for an extended period of time while on the go. Wired headphones don’t have to worry about battery life because they depend on the device they are connected to. Although you’ve a longer battery life with wired headphones, you are still very restricted.


Although both units are portable, they don’t offer the same level of mobility. Wired headphones can be used for exercise and other outdoor pursuits, but they can be tangled up with clothing and other objects making them annoying to use. They are also heavier than wireless units, so they can feel uncomfortable while you move around. Wireless headphones can be purchased in a range of different models, there are some specifically designed for active individuals. You can buy various active model wireless headphones which sit neatly into your ear while you exercise, they won’t come loose or get caught in clothing, so you can enjoy your workout uninterrupted.

Child Friendly

Wireless headsets are great for younger kids, especially if you are working from home and you need a bit of peace. They can be paired to any Bluetooth device meaning you can pop them on the kids while they play video games or watch a movie. You won’t have to worry about them getting tangled up in loose wire or breaking the headphones. It gives you time to go about chores undisturbed in a silent environment.

Although there are benefits to buying both types of headphones, wireless devices have several advantages over wired devices. The sound quality has gradually improved, and many devices are now just as good as wired headsets, they are much more portable and can be used for all kinds of physical activities. As technology improves, their battery life will only get better.